Enterprise Support Awards 2013

The National Enterprise Support Awards aim at rewarding those entities which support entrepreneurship and the promotion of enterprise growth. These are jointly organised by the Enterprise Policy Directorate and the Commerce Department. The competition puts the spotlight on the role of the public sector at the local and national level in creating the right environment for business and boosting their development with specially conceived projects.
The National Enterprise Support Awards consists of 2 sections, one for Local Councils and one for government entities and business organisations. Colleges and schools can also apply under the latter section. Potential applicants could enter the awards in one of the following five categories: 
  • Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit 
  • Investing in skills 
  • Improving the business environment 
  • Supporting the internationalisation of business 
  • Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship 
Applications are evaluated according to the following criteria: 
  • Originality and feasibility 
  • The impact they have on the local economy 
  • The improvement of local stakeholder relations 
  • Transferability of the project to other regions in Europe

Please download the documents and application forms from the hereunder links.


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