Working Papers

   WP 01/2017    Understanding the Economic Contribution of Tourism in Malta: A Literature Review
       Authors            Ian P. Cassar, Kevin Vella, Sean Buttigieg              
                                  Working Paper    
   WP 02/2016    Illustrating the Distributional Implications of Measures from the 2016 Budget for
       Authors            Simon Bugeja, Godwin Mifsud, Pauline Saliba              
                                  Working Paper        
  WP 01/2016     Design Activity in Malta A Macro-Economic Analysis
       Authors            Kevin Vella, Robert M. Cachia, Martin Axisa, Sean Buttigieg               
                                  Working Paper        
   WP 02/2015     Robustness in Foreign Exchange Rate Forecating Models:
                                  Economic-based Modelling after the Financial Crisis 
       Authors              Carlos Medel, Gilmour Camilleri, Stefan Kania, Hsiang-Ling Hsu and Miltiadis
                                     Working Paper          Non Technical Summary   
  WP 01/2015      Interpolating Forecast Errors for Assessing Uncertainty in Macroeconomic
                                  Forecasts:  An Analysis for Malta
       Authors                Gilmour Camilleri and Kevin Vella                
                                      Working Paper           Non Technical Summary    
  WP 01/2014        Okun’s Law in Malta: Lessons Learnt from a Sectoral Perspective   
        Authors                Wayne Apap and Daniel Gravino
                                      Working Paper           Non Technical Summary