Public Contracts Review Board – About Us

​Last updated: 18th September 2020

The Public Contracts Review Board is set up by Subsidiary Legislation 601.03 (refer to pages 114 - 121), and its function is to hear and determine complaints submitted by any person having or having had an interest in obtaining a particular public supply, public service or public works contract, and who has been or risks being harmed by an alleged infringement by any authority listed in Schedule 1 of the Public Procurement Regulations (refer to pages 122 - 127).

The Review Board is composed of a Chairman and two members who are appointed by the Prime Minister for a period of up to three years with the possibility of re-appointment.  The Prime Minister may appoint a substitute, or such number of substitutes, as Chairman and as members of the Review Board to act on different Review Boards, in which case the members shall serve for predetermined periods of time, in accordance with such distribution of duties, including provisions for inability of members to serve and other circumstances, as the Prime Minister may establish.  The Board also has a secretary.

Complaints submitted are heard by the Board during public sessions and the relevant decisions are delivered in writing and published.
The present members of the Board are:-
Chairman: Dr Anthony Cassar PhD, FCMA, FIA, CFA;
Member & Substitute Chairman: Dr Charles Cassar PhD, ECP;
Member: Mr Lawrence Ancilleri BA MA;
Substitute Board Members: Mr Carmel Esposito and Mr Richard A. Matrenza DPE (Oxon), FRES;, MOM