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The Financial Policy and Management Division (FPMD) advises on matters related to public finance and other aspects. It is composed of the Director General’s Office and two directorates which include:

- Tax, Pay and Social Welfare Policy Directorate: incorporates the Tax and Social Welfare Policy Unit and the Pay and Conditions of Service Policy Unit; and
- Financial Policy Development and Analysis Directorate: incorporates the Financial Reporting and Corporate Finance Policy Unit, the Financial Markets Policy Unit and the Government Transport Policy Unit.
The Policy Support Unit provides broad policy support and forms part of the Director General’s Office.
The main responsibilities of the division include:
- modernising financial management across public administration, enabling Ministries, Departments and Extra-Budgetary Units to manage better their financial resources, become more accountable and to increase efficiency in the use of public assets; and
- ensuring a sound financial policy structure which relates to the various areas of responsibilities including: financial reporting, pay and conditions of service, social welfare, tax, financial markets, grants, travel on official duty, legal support and transport.

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