Office of the CIO

The Office of the CIO was established in the beginning of June 2008 as the Information Management Unit (IMU) within the Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Investment (now the Ministry for Finance). The Office of the CIO is managed by the Chief Information Officer, Mr Albert Vella.

Main Competencies of the Office of the CIO

  • The preparation of strategic and operational ICT plans for the Ministry in line with the national ICT strategy;
  • Providing support and advice to the Permanent Secretary on the Ministry ICT matters;
  • Procurement and/or leasing of ICT-related equipment;
  • Co-ordinate the upgrading, development and implementation of new Information Systems;
  • Preparation of the ICT budget and the optimisation of ICT resources;

The Office of the CIO is also involved in applying Governmental-wide policies, standards and protocols which are aimed at ensuring that IT systems are mutually compatible.

 Contact Name 
Ministry for Finance
30, Maison Demandols,
South Street,
Valletta VLT 2000
2599 8259
2599 8429