EU Paying Authority

Mission Statement
To perform duties and responsibilities relating to the financial management of EU-Funded projects and EU Own Resources with the aim of maximizing the benefits to Malta within the obligations and parameters as set out in National and EC Legislation.

Main Areas of Responsibility
  • To act as National Authorising Officer (NAO) in charge of the National Fund which has been set up as a Unit for the management of EU Pre-Accession and Transition Facility Funds.
  • To be a permanent member of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) which monitors EU Pre-Accession Programmes and Transition Facility.
  • To act as the EU Paying Authority with regard to Structural and Cohesion Funds regarding the certification of expenditure and subsequent drawdown of funds from the EU Commission.
  • To open and manage accounts in connection with receipts and payments of EU-related funds.
  • To disburse funds relating to Own Resources as part of Malta's contribution to the EU Budget.

Core Functions
  • To set-up and manage in an efficient manner the Paying Authority for Structural and Cohesion Funds.
  • To perform the duties of the National Authorising Officer for Malta and be responsible for the management of the National Fund.
  • To monitor progress of the projects which are being financed through foreign funds emanating from the EU and the EEA.
  • To control and report on a regular basis the financial position of the funds and relative disbursements.
  • To liaise with the DG Budget on the payment and financial management of EU Own Resources.
  • To compile and maintain proper records of ex-ante, interim and ex-post inspections by third parties.
  • To perform on-the-spot checks on the stakeholders involved in the implementation of EU-Funded projects.
  • To monitor the work of the Treasury and Contracts Department, which together are equivalent to the Central Financing and Contracting Unit (CFCU).
  • To maintain an ongoing liaison with Government institutions on EU related matters in order to ensure that all commitments emanating from the various funding operations are being met.
  • To draw budgets and forecasts for funds emanating from and to the EU and EEA with close liaison with Budget Office.
  • To manage the EU Travel Envelope regarding Malta’s participation in EU Council and Commission meetings.

Click here for the 2006 Manual of Procedures for Pre-Accession and Transition Facility Programmes under EDIS.
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