The Pre Budget Document 2015, which embodies the Government’s commitment to ensuring that the whole of society can benefit from the economic stability and successes achieved so far, was launched on Wednesday 3rd September 2014.
Titled ‘Creating Opportunities, Not Dependencies’, the document lays out the government’s vision for the upcoming Budget 2015, which will look towards ensuring that social welfare reflects the government’s objective of creating opportunities while discouraging dependencies. At the same time, sustainable social protection will be guaranteed. 
Besides remaining committed to a growth-oriented strategy through the ‘making work pay’ principle, the Government intends to extend this approach into the social policy area by ensuring that the welfare system guarantees the necessary level of social protection, while minimising the dependency effect.
The Government will be looking towards initiatives intended to create clear incentives for individuals to work and contribute to society and to encourage them to steer away from dependency, whilst ensuring the attainment of value for money in public expenditure, as well as the long term sustainability of social protection in Malta.
The Government is confident that, in partnership with key stakeholders in our country and civil society in general, we can continue to create a society that empowers and creates the right opportunities for all.

 The Pre-Budget 2015 Document can be viewed online on this link.

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