Draft Budget 2014

​The Ministry for Finance released the Draft Budget 2014 Document, as submitted to the European Commission on 15th October 2013 in conformity with the regulations enshrined in the Two Pack requiring euro area Member States to submit draft budgetary plans to the Commission prior to the adoption of the budget.
In line with the Commission’s guidelines on the form and content of the draft budgetary plan, the document is divided in four main chapters. The first chapter entitled ‘Overall Policy Framework and Objectives’, outlines the Government’s economic and fiscal strategy. This rests on a number of key policy planks that are not only vital for the development of the economy but also address various challenges specified by the Country Specific Recommendations through implementing their respective recommendations.
The second chapter presents the economic outlook of the Maltese economy for the upcoming year through the presentation of the macroeconomic forecasts including forecasts of GDP and its main components, inflation and labour market indicators.  
The third chapter gives an overview of the current fiscal position of the Maltese economy and the Government’s budgetary targets for the current and following year.
The distributional implications of the general budgetary measures on the Maltese households are presented in the fourth and final chapter.
Click here to download the ​Draft Budgetary Plan 2014